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Made from non-GMO hemp plants grown on select farms in Colorado, USA, -NO herbicides, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers used✅Brand:Nuleaf Naturals⚖️Total CBD Amount:900 mg🧴Bottle Size: 15 ml🧪Potency (CBD per Serving):60 mg/ml



Pesticides Free

Lab Results Analysis

In this section, we've analyzed the results lab results published by the brand, and checked which other cannabinoids the product contains, the amount of THC and the purity testings. We also compared the results with the values that appear on the product’s label to see the variance of the actual CBD Vs. the claimed. The acceptable variance is 10%. Learn more aboutwhat is COAandhow to analyze it

CBD Concentration per Bottle

Lab Results: 957 mgClaimed: 900 mg


THC Concentration

Lab Results: 0.1 %


Heavy Metals






Other Cannabinoids

Total AmountPer mlCBN2.12.1CBC3636CBG25.525.5CBDV13.513.5


We consider several criteria when reviewing CBD products. Each of the below areas is given an unbiased score, which adds up to a maximum of five points:

  • Quality Assurance We check third-party lab test reports to see if the product’s levels of CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids match the label.
  • Hemp Quality We look for products made from organic, pesticide-free, sustainably grown hemp, giving extra points for USDA organic certification.
  • Extract Type CBD comes in three types: full, broad-spectrum, and isolate. Full-spectrum products are considered the most effective thanks to providing a full range of hemp cannabinoids and other beneficial compounds.
  • Additional ingredients Many CBD products contain additional cannabinoids, terpenes, and added active ingredients such as melatonin.
  • Prices We measure the price per mg of CBD, giving higher ratings to affordably priced products.

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Pets are the best, right? They give us companionship. They play with us when we want them to (sometimes). They’re usually happy to see us (cats, maybe not so much.) But sometimes our furry little friends get a little freaked out. Whether it’s thunder, or the mailman, or simply because you’re wearing a new hat they’ve never seen before, pets can get a little anxious. Pets also get a little stiff and achey the way we do as they get older. So now we have CBD oil specifically designed to help pets deal with anxiety and aging. And that brings us to NuLeaf Naturals Full Spectrum CBD Pet Oil.

We like what NuLeaf stands for. They use the whole hemp plant. This oil has literally two ingredients (Full Spectrum Hemp Extract and Organic Virgin Hemp Seed Oil.) It’s made with organic hemp (not USDA-Certified Organic, fyi. They just claim that their products are made with organic farming practices.) They grow the hemp themselves in Colorado. And to top it all off, this is a full-spectrum CBD product. So your pet is going to get the full array of benefits all the CBD cannabinoids have to offer. Great for their little endocannabinoid system. We give it two paws up.

WHAT IS THIS NuLeaf Naturals Full Spectrum CBD Pet Oil?

It’s a full spectrum CBD-infused oil made for your pets. Since it’s an oil, you can mix it into their food and you can try to put it directly in their mouths. (The food thing is way easier, trust us.) One important note: If you do try to go the “let me just put a few drops in your mouth” route and the dropper touches your pet’s tongue or mouth, wash the dropper thoroughly. Sometimes bacteria can get on the dropper and can effect the CBD.


It’s for your pet who may have a few issues around anxiety or achey joints. It’s not technically “for humans” but we’re pretty sure you’d be fine if you accidentally mixed it into your food, too.

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They have a few different sizes that range from 300mgs to 1800mgs of CBD per bottle. The 1800mgs seems like that would be fit for a horse. We recommend starting with the smaller bottle first and working your way up.


It shouldn’t. This has less than 0.3% THC in it, so as long as you give your pet the recommended dosage amounts, your pet shouldn’t feel any psychoactive effects.

HOW MUCH NuLeaf Naturals Full Spectrum CBD Pet Oil SHOULD YOUR PET TAKE?

We always recommend starting really small at first. Like half of what the recommended dosage would be (and the dosage amount depends on the size and weight of your pet.) Then work your way up if your pet doesn’t have any odd reaction. Each dropper contains 3mgs of CBD.

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It really depends. We know you never like hearing that, but much like every human is different, every pet is as well. In humans, we always recommend trying. a product for 20 days before deciding if you like it and it works for you. As we like to say “there’s a reason there are no one-day CBD trials.” It takes a little time to work with your system. Same thing goes for pets. It could be quickly, or take 2-4 weeks.

Yes it is. It has less than 0.3% THC in it, making it federally legal. You can buy it online and have it shipped through the mail.


Yes, you can find the lab results for all their products on their site. You have to buy the product first, and then put the batch number in there to see the results. We would like to see NuLeaf make all their results available to everyone without having to buy the product first.

Is NuLeaf a reputable company?

Takeaway. NuLeaf Naturals is a full-spectrum CBD product line that launched in 2014. The company has garnered a positive brand reputation and remains reasonably priced compared with other CBD brands.

What is the

1 CBD for dogs anxiety reviews?

Comparing the best CBD for dog anxiety.

Following its use overseas, CBD oil is now legally available in Australia, however it can only be prescribed by your local vet.

What is the best carrier oil for CBD for dogs?

MCT oil is easy on the digestive tract, making it a good choice for pups with sensitive stomachs. It also has other health benefits. For example, it may help reduce the risk of heart disease and bacterial infection. Another good carrier oil is hemp seed oil.