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  1. BÀI TẬP TIẾNG ANH LỚP 9 CÂU MONG ƯỚC WISH Bài 1: Cho dạng đúng của động từ trong ngoặc: 1. I wish he . here now. (be) 2. She wishes you . better. (feel) 3. I wish that you . here yesterday. (be) 4. I wish he . he work tonight. (finish) 5. We wish you . tomorrow. (come) 6. She wishes she . the window last night. (open) 7. I wish you . earlier yesterday. (leave) 8. We wish they . with us last weekend. (come) 9. They wish he . with them the next day. (come) 10. They wish we . them some food yesterday. (give) 11. We wish you . yesterday. (arrive) 12. I wish I . the answers. (not lose) 13. You wish you . what to do last year. (know) 14. I wish that he . us next year. (visit) 15. She wishes that she . at home now. (be) 16. I wish I . the news. (hear) 17. You wish that he . you last week. (help) 18. I wish I . the subject more interesting. (find) 19. He always wishes he . rich. (be) 20. The boy wishes that he the competition the next day. (win) 21. I wish the weather . warmer now. (be) 22. They wish he . them next week. (telephone) 23. He wishes you . him in the future. (help) 24. She wishes the mail . soon. (come) 25. They wish she the arrangements for the meeting next week. (make) 26. We wish they . or we will miss the bus. (hurry) 27. You wish the door (open) 28. He wishes he . us the book. (show) 29. They wish we . for them. (wait) 30. I wish you . to me. (to write) 31. She wishes you . her. (to join) 32. He wishes he . ready. (to be) 33. She wishes she . how to sing. (to know) 34. They wish it . warmer. (to be) 35. Does he wish he . younger? (to be) Trang 1
  2. 36. She wishes she . the arrangements earlier. (make) 37. They wish they . the appointment. (not forget) 38. We wish it . yesterday. (not snow) 39. We always wish we . fluent in other languages. (be) 40. I wish I . near my school. (live) 41. I wish I . her address. (know) 42. I wish I . taller. (be) 43. I wish I her now. (meet) 44. I wish he .here tomorrow. (not leave) 45. She wishes she her homework last night. (finish) 46. I wish they .here last Sunday. (come) 47. I wish they .us last week. (visit) 48. She wishes she her holiday at the seaside last weekend. (spend) 49. I wish the weather .hot yesterday. (be not) 50. I wish I a doctor when I grow up. (be) 51. They wish it tomorrow. (not rain) 52. We wish we . . a test next Tuesday. (not have) 53. I wish it fine on the party next week. (be) 54. I wish tomorrow a beautiful day. (be) Bài 2: Chọn đáp án đúng để hoàn thành câu sau. 1. I wish I (have/ has/ had) a lot of interesting book. 2. I wish I (would meet/ met/ meet) her tomorrow. 3. I wish I (was/ were/ am) your sister. 4. I wish they (won/ had won/ would win) the match last Sunday 5. I wish they (played/ playing/ play) soccer well. 6. She wishes she (will/ would/ can) come here to visit us. 7. I wish yesterday (were /was/had been) a better day. 8. I wish I (can speak/ could speak/ will speak) many languages 9. I wish tomorrow (were/ will be/ would be) Sunday. 10. I wish I (am/ was/ were) a movie star . Bài 3: Tìm và sửa lỗi sai trong các câu sau. 1. She wish she could speak English well. 2. I wish it didn’t rained now. 3. I wish I was a doctor to save people. 4. I wish I have more time to look after my family. 5. He wishes it didn’t rain yesterday. 6. I wish my father gives up smoking in the near future. 7. I wish I studied very well last year. Trang 2
  3. 8. I wish you will come to my party next week. 9. I wish it stops raining now. 10. I wish you are my sister. 11. She wishes she is the most beautiful girl in the world. 12. I wish Miss Brown will come here and stay with us next week. 13. I wish I am at home with my family now. 14. I wish I could been there with you. 15. She wish she could go home now. Bài 4: Viết lại các câu sau sử dụng câu ước với “wish”. 1. I have to study hard. -> I wish . 2. We had a lot of homework yesterday. -> I wish . 3. It is raining heavily. -> I wish . 4. It was cold last night. . -> I wish . 5. They work slowly. -> I wish . 5. She doesn’t join in the trip. -> I wish . 6. I am not good at English. -> I wish . 7. He studies badly. -> I wish . 8. He doesn’t like playing sports. -> I wish . 9. I don’t have a computer. -> I wish . 10. Today isn’t a holiday. -> I wish . 11. I can’t sing this song. -> I wish . 12. He was punished by his mother. -> I wish 13. They won’t come here again. -> I wish . 14. He won’t go swimming with me. -> I wish . Trang 3
  4. 15. We didn’t understand them. -> We wish . 16. I will be late for school. -> I wish . . 17. The bus was late today. -> I wish . 18. She doesn’t like this place. -> I wish . 19. These students talked too much in class. -> I wish . 20. I can’t play basketball. -> I wish . . 21.I miss the cartoon on TV I wish 22. Lan cannot meet her friend. She wishes 23. They don’t know how to speak Chinese. They wish 24. Phong cannot win the championship. He wishes . 25. Their team don’t play very well. They wish 26. Lien never goes on a camping trip. She wishes 27. She doesn’t get good marks. She wishes . 28. Her mother doesn’t buy her new clothes for Tet. She wishes 29.He got a bad mark yesterday. He wishes . 210. They cannot eat carrots. They wish 31. It rains today. I wish 32.Phong gets bad marks this semester He wishes 33. It’s cold and windy. I wish 34. I can’t hear that srange noise. Trang 4
  5. I wish 35. Hoa and Ba won’t go fishing this weekend. They wish 36. Tuan doesn't write the composition. He wishes 37.Some students are late for class. They wish 38. Uyen has to stay at home because of her sickness. She wishes 39. Hoa and Ba won't go fishing this weekend. They wish 40. Her little brother can't swim. He wishes 41. I don't know many people in the town. 42. It would be nice to be able to fly a plane. 43. It's a shame I don't have a key. 44. Ann isn't here and I need to see her. 45. I don't like being so short. 46. Unfortunately, I have to work tomorrow. 47. Don't shout all the time. It's so annoying. 48. I'm sorry I can't go to the party. 49. I'd like to get access to the internet, but I don't have a computer. 50. It's pity the weather isn't better today. Bài 5. Chia động từ trong dấu ngoặc cho đúng thì 1. I wish I (live) . near my school. 2. I wish I (know) . her address. 3. I wish I (be) . taller. 4. I wish I (meet) her now 5. If only he (not leave) .here. Trang 5
  6. 6. She wishes she (finish) her homework last night 7. I wish they (come) .here last Sunday. 8. I wish they (visit) .us last week 9. She wishes she (spend) her holiday at the seaside last weekend. 10. I wish the weather (be not) .hot yesterday. 11. I wish I (be) a doctor when I grow up 12. They wish it (not rain) tomorrow 13. If only we (not have) . . a test next Tuesday. 14. I wish it (be) fine on the party next week. 15. I wish tomorrow (be) a beautiful day. Bài 6: Choose a correct verb in the bracket 1. I wish I (have/ has/ had) a lot of interesting book. 2. I wish I (meet/ met/ to meet) her tomorrow. 3. I wish I (was/ were/ am) your sister. 4. I wish they (won/ had won/ would win) the match last Sunday 5. I wish they (played/ playing/ play) soccer well. 6. She wishes she (will/ would/ can) come here to visit us. 7. I wish yesterday (were /was/had been) a better day. 8. I wish I (can speak/ could speak/ will speak) many languages 9. I wish tomorrow (were/ will be/ would be) Sunday. 10. I wish I (am/ was/ were) a movie star . Bài 7: Tìm và sửa lỗi sai trong các câu sau. 1. She wish she could speak English well. 2. If only it didn’t rained. 3. I wish I was a doctor to save people. 4. I wish I have more time to look after my family. 5. He wishes it didn’t rain yesterday. 6. If only my father gives up smoking. 7. I wish I studied very well last year. 8. I wish you will come to my party next week. 9. I wish it stops raining now. 10. If only you are my sister. 11. She wishes she is the most beautiful girl in the world. 12. I wish Miss Hoa will come here and stay stay with us next week. 13. I wish I am at home with my family now. 14. If only I could been there with you. 15. She wish she could go home now. Trang 6
  7. Bài 8: Viết lại các câu, bắt đầu bằng “ I wish” 1. I don’t have to study. - I wish . 2. We had a lot of homework yesterday. - I wish . 3. It rains. . - I wish . 4. It was very cold last night. . - I wish . 5. They work slowly. . - I wish . 5. She doesn’t join in the trip. . - I wish . 6. I am not good at English. . - I wish . 7. He studies badly. . - I wish . 8. He doesn’t like playing sports. . - I wish . 9. I don’t have a computer. - I wish . 10. Today isn’t a holiday. - I wish . 11. I can’t sing this song. - I wish . 12. He was punished by his mother. - I wish . 13. They won’t come here again. - I wish . 14. I may not go on a camping trip. - I wish . 15. We didn’t understand them. - I wish . 16. I will be late for school. - I wish . 17. The bus was late today. - I wish . 18. She doesn’t like this place. - I wish . Trang 7
  8. 19. These students talked too much in class. - I wish 20. I can’t play basket ball. - I wish . . 21. I’d like to have a bigger house. - I wish 22. I’d like they to keep quiet. I wish 23. You have to clean the floor after meals. I wish 24. I’m sorry that I didn’t do the homework last night. I wish 25. It’s a pity that you didn’t tell me about that. I wish 26. I regret staying up late last night. I wish 27. I ‘m sorry that you can’t join in the trip with us. I wish 28. The weather was very cold ,so we couldn’t go swimming. I wish 29. You are making too much noise. I wish 30. I ‘d love to speak many languages. I wish 31. I miss the cartoon on TV. I wish 32. Lan cannot meet her friend. She wishes 33. They don’t know how to speak Chinese. They wish 34. Their teams don’t play very well. They wish 35. She doesn’t get good marks. She wishes . 36. It’s cold. I wish 37. I live in a big city , and I don’t like it . I wish . 38. I have to work tomorrow. Trang 8
  9. I wish . 39. There are many people here. I wish 40. Mary isn’t here. I wish 41. Peter always draws on the wall. I wish 42. My sister eats too little food. I wish 43. My best friend will leave for Bangkok tomorrow. I wish 44. My little brother makes a lot of noise when he comes back from school. I wish 45. We can’t live together forever! I wish * NÂNG CAO 1 1)There isn't any water I wish 2)I can't buy a car because I don't have enough money I wish 3) I am short so I can't reach the light I wish 4)I want to go out I wish 5)I'd like to pass the exam I wish 6)I don't want to have bad marks I wish 7)Don't go out ! I wish 8)Don't be silly ! I wish 9)Open your box ,please I wish 10)It's boring to sit here alone I wish Bài 9. VIẾT LẠI CÂU VỚI WISH 1. I have a cold. Trang 9
  10. 2. John doesn’t know how to swim. 3. I live in the dorm. 4. I can’t speak Japanese. 5. Tom can’t find a good job. 6. My friend can’t come. 7. It isn’t Sunday. 8. I have to study for a test. 9. I am not at home right now. 10. She won’t tell me. 11. I am not rich. 12. She has lost her watch Bài 10: HOÀN THÀNH CÂU Eg: It won’t rain soon. I wish that it would rain rain soon 1. I don’t know how to dance. I wish I how to dance. 2. Our classroom doesn’t have any windows. I wish our classroom windows. 3. The sun isn’t shining. I wish the sun right now. 4. My sister didn’t go shopping. I wish my sister shopping. 5. You didn’t tell me about it. I wÝh you me about it. 6. It’s very cold today. I wish it cold today. 7. She’ll be a teacher next year. I wish a teacher next year. 8. I can’t go with you. I wish I with you. 9. Jerry didn’t come to the meeting. I wish he ro the meeting. 10. Mary isn’t coming to dinner with us tonight. I wish she to the dinner tonight. 11. It rained last night. I wish that it last night. 12. Mary couldn’t go to class yesterday. I wish she to class yesterday. Trang 10
  11. Bài 11: Put the verbs in brackets into correct tenses: 1. I wish I (go) . to the movie with you. 2. I wish I (have) day off. 3. I wish I (study) Latin instead of Greek. 4. I wish I (not / spend) . so much money. 5. I wish the weather (be) .warm, so we could go swimming 6. I wish I (ask) . . him how to get there 7. I wish I (not stay) . at home 8. I wish I (not/ buy) . that book 9. I wish I (not/see) . .him 10. I wish I (not/call) . . him a liar. 11. I don’t have time to go to “High Quality Good Fair “. I wish I (go) there. 12. The weather is very hot. I wish it (be) cooler . 13. We seldom write to her. I wish we (write) to her more often . 14. John doesn’t know how to swim. He wishes he (can) swim. 15. John doesn’t buy the book. She wishes she (buy) it . 16. Mai doesn’t pass the exam. She wishes she (study) harder. 17. We will not go to Ha Long Bay next week. I wish we (go) there . 18. It is raining now. I wish it (stop) raining soon . 19. My parents are not in now. I wish they (be) . at home with us now. 20. I know Nam will not lend me his car . I wish he (lend). it to me Bài 12. Rewrite the following sentences, using "Wish" 1. I don't know more people. I wish 2. I don't have a key. I wish 3. Ann isn't here. I wish 4. It is cold . I wish 5. I live in a big city (I don't like it). I wish 6. I can't go to the party (and I like it). I wish Trang 11
  12. 7. I have to work tomorrow (I like to stay in bed). I wish 8. I don't get good marks. I wish 9. I'm not lying on a beautiful sunny beach. I wish 10. Hoa and Ba won't go fishing this weekend. They wish 11. It’s a pity I can’t go to the stadium tonight. I wish___. 12. I want to see Sara more often but I can’t. I wish___. 13. I live in Malta and I don’t like this. I wish___. 14. It’s a pity Mary is not here. I wish___. 15. My sister doesn’t know how to dance. I wish___. 16. My best friend isn’t here. I wish ___. 17. Why can’t you come to my birthday party? I wish___. 18. I’m not watching the news. I wish___. 19. She has got a lot of problems with her husband. She wishes ___. 110. Alex can’t speak English fluently. He wishes___. 4. Find out the mistakes 1. Peter wished that he has gone to the party last week. 2. I sometimes wish that I will have another car. 3. I wish my house were so large as John’s. 4. I wishes you had been at the meeting yesterday. 5. She wishes he will stop interrupting her whenever she speaks. 6. I wish I didn’t say that to him yesterday. 7. I wish I wasn’t absent from class yesterday. 8. I wish my sister will go camping with me tomorrow. 9. She wishes that we didn’t send her the candy yesterday because she’s on a diet. Trang 12
  13. 10. I have a lot of work to do. I wish I have more time. 11. She wishes she could speak English as fluent as her sister. 12. I wish I could make a 20000 miles-undersea trip in a nuclear submarine. 13. I really wish we can make a trip around the world. 14. He got bad marks. He wishes he reviewed his lesson carefully. 15. I wish I didn’t speak to him so severely yesterday. BÀI TẬP VỀ USED TO BÀI 1. Choose the best answer to complete these following sentences.(2) 1. Astronauts in their spaceship, but they frequently work outside now. A. were used to stay B. used to stay C. were staying D. had used to stay 2. People ___ that the earth is round before. A. were not used to believe B. used to believing C. would not use to believe D. did not use to believe 3. Tuberculosis___ incurable before. A. use to be thought B. used to be thought C. used to think D. use to think 4. Formerly babies___ of whooping cough. A. have died B. used to die C. would die D. both B and C 5. These city girls are used___ in the field. A. to work B. used to lie C. would like D. to working 6. Newton___ scientific books when a boy. A. used to read B. has read C. had read D. had been reading 7. I am sorry I am not___ fast. A. used to drive B. used to driving C. use to drive D. use to driving 8. Frank used to work in a small shop. He___ A. doesn't any more B. still does C. is now D. had never done anything else 9. Roy Trenton used to work in a small shop. He ___ A. is driving it B. doesn’t drive it any more C. likes it D. didn’t like it 10. Roy Trenton use to drive a taxi. This means he___ A. use to lie B. used live C. used to living D. used to live 11. I___ in Jakarta. I've lived here all my life. A. am used to living B. used to living C. use to live D. am used to live 12. Jane___ for the telephone company, but now she has a job at the post office. Trang 13
  14. A. used to working B. used to work C. is used to working D. am used to work 13. This work doesn’t bother me. I ___ hard. I've worked hard all my life. A. used to working B. used to work C. am used to working D. am used to work 14. Dick___ a moustache, but he doesn't any more. He shaved it off because his wife didn't like it. A. used to having B. is used to having C. was used to having D. used to have 15. When I was a child, I ___ anyone 40 was old. A. used to think B. was used to thinking C. used to thinking D. was used to think Bài 2. Fill in the blank with “use, used to, be used to, or be used for” : 1. I often this pen to write my lessons. 2. I love Ann but now she gets on my nerves. 3. There be a tree in front of my house. 4. They A computer to do the most complicated calculations. 5. These bricks Building a new school . 6. That knife . cut oranges. 7. American women being independent. 8. Cheques and credit cards . storing wealth. 9. It took me a long time to wearing glasses. 10. Metal and paper . making money. Bài 3. Write a sentence for each of the following using used to or didn’t use to. 1. When Barbara was Intaly, she stayed with an Italian family. 2. I quite like drinking coffee in the morning, although I wasn’t keen on it when I was younger 3. We seem to have lost interest in our work. 4. I don’t mind travelling by train now. 5. I went to the church when I was a child. 6. Since we’ve lived in the countryside, we’ve been much happier. 7. Mr.Michel grew tulips but he doesn’t any more. Trang 14
  15. 8. I prefer listening to classical music now, although when I was young I couldn’t stand it. 9. My sister looked so far when she returned from Paris. 10. He doesn’t love me any more. He used 11. They often went to school by bike when they were young. They used . 12.I no longer eat meat. I used to . 13. When Lan was small, she used to cry a lot. Lan often 14. My father used to drive to work when he lived in Japan. My father 15. We had a nice garden once, but now we don’t any more. We . 16. David used to have long hair. David no longer 17. Her mother usually got up early. Her . 18. He often ate lots of ham. He . 19. We lived in the country in 1980s but now we live in HCM City. We 20. When Nam was young, he hated school. Now he likes school. Nam 21. Ann was a secretary for many years, but now she owns her own business. Ann 22. Before Adam got married, he went bowling five times a week. Adam 23. When we raised our own chickens, we had fresh eggs every morning We 24. Now you have a job every summer. Have you always worked during summer? What BÀI 4: Fill in the blank 1. When I was a student, I sued to (work) in a bar. Trang 15
  16. 2. I will never get used to (work) .nights. I prefer working days 3. She isn’t used to (live) on her own. The house feels quite empty. 4. When I worked in the city, I used to (get up) .really early. 5. Are you getting used to (live) in your new house yet? 6. We are not used to (live) . In a cold climate. We’re used to a warm one. 7. I used to (be) a gardener. I’m not used to (sit) .in an office all day. 8. Since I retired from my job, I can’t get used to (have) nothing to do all day. 9. In my last job, I used to (wear) a suite and tie. Now I wear jeans. 10. I was just getting used to (wear) glasses. 11. When I was a child, I used ___ (dream) of being an astronaut. 12. I'm terribly nervous. I'm not used ___ (speak) to a large audience. 13. It took us ages to get used ___ (live) in an apartment house. 14. Lots of trains used ___ (stop) here, but not many do now. 15. Didn't Nick use ___ (work) on a building site? 16. I'll have an orange juice, please. I'm not used ___ (drink) alcohol. 17. David doesn't seem to mind being in hospital. I suppose he's got used ___ (be) there. 18. When Laura was at college, she used ___ (have) a picture of Elvis Presley on her bedroom wall. 19. There used ___ (be) a cinema here but it was knocked down a few years ago. 20. When she arrived in Britain, she wasn't used ___ (drive) on the left, but she soon got used to it. 21, I was used to___(eat) at noon when I started school. 22, He used to___(eat) dinner at five o'clock. 23, When I was young, I used to___(swim) everyday. 24, He used to___(like) her, but he doesn't anymore. 25, Don't worry, some day you will get used to___(speak) English. 26, Lan can't get used to___(study) 27, He used to___(dance) every night, but now he studies. 28, Adam is used to___(sleep) late on the weekends. 29, Chieks is used to___(eat) American food now. 30, She finally got used to___(eat) our food. Trang 16
  17. Bài 5: Viết lại câu, sử dụng used to hoặc didn't use to 1. I had a lot of money but I lost it all when my business failed. . 2. I quite like classical music now, although I wasn't keen on it when I was younger. . 3. I seem have lost interest in my work. . 4. My brother had his hair cut short when he joined the army. . 5. Dennis gave up smoking three years ago. . 6. My parents lived in the USA when they were young. . 7. Jim was my best friend, but we aren't friends any more. . 8. When he was younger, my uncle was a national swimming champion. . 9. I eat ice-cream now, but I disliked eating it when I was a child. . Bài 6: Fill in each gap with the correct forms of used to or be used to. (Điền vào chỗ trống dạng đúng của “used to” hoặc “be used to”). 1. When I was young, I ___ go swimming every day. 2. The Sherpas ___ living among the high mountains. 3. Porters ___ carrying heavy loads and burdens. 4. When the lighthouse keeper first settled here, he ___ feel lonely, but now he ___ being alone for days. 5. Experienced mountaineers ___ breathing the thin air of the heights. 6. There ___ be many shipwrecks on these rocks. 7. You shouldn't be so severe with the child. He (not) ___ being treated like that. 8. Numerous tribes of Indians ___ live on the shores of the Great Lakes in America. 9. Geologists ___ facing cold, rain and blizzards. 10. Jack ___ live in London, but he moved in 1980. Bài 7: Sử dụng cấu trúc used to/be used to/get used to để diễn tả lại các câu sau 1.It’s very noisy. I can’t stand the noise of traffic like this. Trang 17
  18. 2.John stopped smoke. 3.Don’t worry, mother! I can take care of myself. 4. Miss. Huong left hospital last week. 5. It’s very cold in Hue in winter. Don’t worry! I have been living in Hue for 12 years. 6. Lan is a new student of my class. She is unhappy. 7. Mr.Hung doesn’t eat Asian food. 8. I feel nervous, I have not traveled by air before. 9.we left for Hue 7 years ago. 10.she can eat chicken now. 11.my father took me the city 12.it’s took me fivr hours to find the answer for the question. 13.I can’t stand the smell. 14.She sits between Tuan and Hung. 15. Driving a car is so difficult for her. 16. I never go to bed after 10 p.m 17. He was an accountant for my company. 18. I don’t like walking in the rain. BÀI TẬP SINCE/FOR Bài 1: Điền vào chỗ trống với since/for 1. She's lived here ___ 1975. 2. He's been in London ___ five days. Trang 18
  19. 3. They haven't been used ___ many years. 4. She's been working ___ nine this morning. 5. I haven't eaten ___ hours. 6. It has been raining ___ ages. 7. India has been independant ___ 1947. 8. They have been married ___ October. 9. How many years is it ___ you graduated from junior high school? 10. We have been waiting ___ twenty minutes. Bài 2. Điền cụm từ với “for”, “since” hoặc “ago”. 1. The phone last rang at four o’clock. ~ So you’ve had no calls ? 2. I haven’t been to the dentist for ten years. ~ You last went to the dentist ? 3. I last saw Rita on Sunday. ~ Haven’t you seen her ? 4. We’ve had six weeks without rain. ~ Yes, it hasn’t rained 5. It’s three years since Lisa got married. ~ Really? Has she been married ? 6. It’s eight months since my sister had any work. ~ He lost his job ? 7. Mrs. Brown was taken ill three weeks ago. ~ You mean she’s been ill , and nobody’s told me! 8. I got here an hour ago. ~ What! You mean you’ve been waiting an hour? 9- I have not seen him . he was 16 10- I've known him . ages 11- Things have changed a lot .our previous meeting. 12- It's been raining .four o'clock. 13- I'm sure he's been watching us .we came in. 14- He'd been here .over an hour when we arrived. 15- I've been trying to fix this computer .early this morning. 16- He hasn't had anything to eat .nearly a week. 17- It's three years .he started learning German. 18- He's been collecting stamps .the past twenty years. 19. Nobody has seen him .last Friday. 20. It has been foggy .some days. 21. He has been fishing .six o'clock. 22. They've been living in France .eight years. 23. The pilots have been on strike .two months. 24. We've had terrible weather .Saturday. 25. I've known Tom .1990. Trang 19
  20. 26. We have been waiting for the bus .half an hour. 27. She hasn't lost a match .April. 28. Things have changed .she's become headmaster. 29. The police have been looking for him .a month. 30. Our dog has been ill .two days. 31. I've been looking for this book .a long time. 32. I've been working .I got up. 33. The kettle has been boiling .ten minutes 34. They have been living in Madrid 1972. 35. He has been in prison four years. 36. He has known about the fact .a long time. 37. Conditions have changed a lot .we were children. 38. Our teacher has been very ill .the last month. 39. I haven't eaten anything .twenty-four hours. 40. In fact he is always very rude. We have been waiting for him half an hour. 41. I haven't seen him for three years. It is because I haven't been there I left school. 42. I have been trying to mend this old fashioned car hours. 43. One of my friends has been teaching in Tokyo three years. I haven't met him since last year. 44. I haven't enjoyed myself .two weeks since I heard that my final exam grades were low. 45. I know that you have never seen a lion . you were born. Then now I say that we can go to the zoo and see one. 46. The police have been looking for him for two weeks he escaped from the prison. 47. He hasn't spoken to me even a word the last meeting. 48. I haven't phoned him a week. 49. He has been the principal of our high school 1988. 49. Dean has been learning Japanese two years. 50. I have been waiting .4 o'clock. 51. Sue has only been waiting 20 minutes. 52. Tim and Tina have been learning English six years. 53. Fred and Frida have been learning French 1998. 54. Joe and Josephine have been going out together .Valentine's Day. 55. I haven't been on holiday .last July. 56. Mary has been saving her money .many years. Trang 20
  21. 57. I haven't eaten anything .breakfast. 58. You have been watching TV hours. 59. We have been living here 2 months. 60. What have you been doing ___ we last spoke? 61. What has changed in your life ___ you moved here? 62. I have been working full-time ___ several weeks now. 63. Donald hasn't wanted to talk to me ___ our argument. 64. Tony Swanson has been with the company ___ 25 years. 65. The little girl was hungry because she hadn’t eaten anything ___ a while. 66. Puerto Ricans have been migrating to the United States ___ over a century. 67. Human beings have sought to know the unimaginable ___ the beginning of time. 68. It is believed that everything in the universe has existed ___ the Big Bang 15 billion years ago. 69. Is there a family member who has a talent that has been in your family ___ several generations? 70. The weather is dry. It hasn't rained .a few weeks. 71. It's been raining .lunchtime. 72. Sarah has lived in Paris .1995. 73. Paul has lived in London .10 years. 74. I'm tired of waiting. We've been sitting here .an hour. 75. Kevin has been looking for a job .he left school. 76. I haven't been to a party .ages. 77. I wonder where Joe is. I haven't seen him .last week. 78. Jane is away. She's been away .Friday. 79) We're going to France ___ a month next summer. 80) Beckett's Ice Cream Shop has been in business ___ 1942. 81) We've lived in this house ___ five years. 82) Jim has had a cold ___ last Thursday and hasn't been able to go to work. 83) No wonder Seth is tired. He hasn't slept ___ 24 hours! 84) Monica hasn't heard from her son ___ last Thursday. 85) Paul will be studying at Yale ___ another semester. 86) I haven't been to St. Petersburg ___ 1995. 87) How long are you here ___? 88) Meg has worked at IBM ___ ten years. 89. I have been working here a fortnight. 90. He has been ill Monday. Trang 21
  22. 91. Sarah's father has been a policeman 20 years. 92. David has had a driving licence 1980. 93. He has been Prime Minister six months. 94. You've been on the phone half an hour. 95. They have lived here five years. 96. He has been unemployed April. 97. It hasn't snowed 1993. 98. He has smoked a pipe 20 years. 99. The pizza has been in the oven 10 minutes. 100. I have been waiting for you 2 hours. 101. They haven't seen him .Monday. 102. We haven't met them .your birthday. 103. I haven't heard from them .they were here. 104. She has been married .some years. 105. I haven't talked to them .we last met you. 106. He hasn't won any race .Easter. 107. We haven't been to any party .three months. 108. I haven't talked to her .January. 109. They have been living in this house .many years. 110. I haven't received any letters I moved to this place. 111. She has lived in that city .at least twenty years. 112. .2005 she has been attending this school. 113. .June 1 she has been working here. 114. It hasn't rained .March. 115. .Christmas she has been staying in this house. 116. I have not seen her last summer. 117. We have not met the end of the war. 118. He has been in Paris about two weeks. 119. The movie has been on more than six months. 120. He has not had an accident the day he took out a comprehensive policy. 121. I have only had this computer 3 weeks. 122. I have not heard from him my birthday. 123. He stayed in Europe less than a year. 124.- We've been waiting for the train ___ noon. 125 - I haven't seen them ___ last week. 126 - I've been working here ___ the beginning of the year. 127. - She's been sick ___ over a week. 128 - He's been learning English ___ a long time. Trang 22
  23. 129 - I've been working in this bank ___ I graduated university. 130 - My daugher has been playing piano ___ she was ten years old. 131 - You've been studying ___ three hours. 132 - He's lived in this apartment ___ he was a young man. 133 - She can run ___ two hours without a break. 134 - I haven't seen any of them ___ I was in the army. 135 - The rain lasted ___ over five hours. 136 - I haven't slept ___ hours. 137 - ___ when have your parents let you borrow their car? 138 - We haven't been to the cinema __ ages. Bài 3 : Chọn for hoặc since điền vào chỗ trống 1. She has been there (for/since) four days 2. I have known Linda (for/since) two years 3. Jack has stayed here (for/since) Thursday 4. My aunt has lived in Australia (for/since) 15 years 5. We have had a camera (for/since) 1995 6. They have been married (for/since) six months 7. Liz has studied medicine (for/since) a long time 8. It has rained (for/since) an hour 9. Indian has been an independent country (for/since) 1947 10. Mike has been ill (for/since) a long time CÂU ĐIỀU KIỆN IF CLAUSE Bài 1: Chia động từ trong ngoặc: 1.If it costs too much, I (buy) .a small one. 2.If you (drive) .more carefully, you wouldn’t have so many accidents. 3.What (happen) if there (not be) gravity? 4.If I (make) that mistake again, my teacher (get) angry with me. 5.If I spoke English, my job (be) a lot easier. 6.If he (go) to London yesterday, he (meet) his old friend. 7.Would you mind if you suddenly (win) half a million pounds? 8.I (lend) them some money if they (ask) .me. 9.If we (know) who he was, we (invite) him to speak at our meeting. 10.If they had invited us, naturally we (go) .to the party. 11.If Don and I (have) .enough money, we would buy a house. Trang 23
  24. 12.Ice (turn) to water if you (heat) it. 13.I (speak) .to France if I (see) him yesterday. 14.If I (realize) that the traffic lights were red. I (stop) . 15.They (not / let) .you in if you come late. 16.If you (not / go) away, I’ll send for a policeman. 17.If I (be) .in your place, I (accept) .Mr Long’s officer. 18.If I (win) a big prize in a lottery, I’d give up my job. 19.If Tom (be) here yesterday, he (be) able to advise us. 20.I was busy. If I (have) free time, I (go) to the cinema with you. 21.If I (be) you, I (tell) her the truth. 22.Why didn’t you attend the meeting? Oh, I (not know) indeed. If I (know) I (come) . there. 23.What .we (do) if they (not come) tomorrow? 24.If you meet him, remember (not tell) .him what I (just say) to you. 25.If I (have) .enough time now, I (write) to my parents. 26.It’s too bad Helen isn’t here. If she (be) there, she (know) what to do. 27.If I (not eat) breakfast tomorrow morning, I (get) hungry during class. 28.I (change) .the present economic policy if I (be) the President of the United States. 29.If the weather (be) nice today, we (go) to the zoo. 30.If I (be) in your position, I (not do) .that. 31) If we meet at 9:30, we (have) plenty of time. 32) Lisa would find the milk if she (look) in the fridge. 33) The zookeeper would have punished her with a fine if she (feed) the animals. 34) If you spoke louder, your classmates (understand) you. 35) Dan (arrive) safe if he drove slowly. 36) You (have) no trouble at school if you had done your homework. 37) If you (swim) in this lake, you'll shiver from cold. 38) The door will unlock if you (press) the green button. 39) If Mel (ask) her teacher, he'd have answered her questions. 40) I (call) the office if I were you. Trang 24
  25. 41) If we (send) an invitation, our friends (to come) to our party. 42) He (not understand) you if you (whisper) 43) They (not survive) in the desert if they (not take) extra water with them. 44) If you (Press) CTRL + s, you (save) the file. 45) You (cross) the Channel if you (fly) from Paris to London. 46) Fred (answer) the phone if his wife (have) a bath. 47) If Claire (wear) this dress at the party, our guests (not stay) any longer. 48) If I (touch) this snake, my girlfriend (not scream). 49) She (forget) to pick you up if you (not phone) .her. 50) I (remember) you if you (give) me a photo. 51) If you (help) your grandma, I (do) the shopping. 52) Andrew (water) the flowers if he (stay) at home. 53) If she (have) 5 pounds more, she (buy) herself this T-shirt. 54) If they (offer) me the job, I (take) it. 55) You (have) summer holidays from June till August if you (live) in the USA. 56) We (sell) the bike for 20 Euros if Ron (repair) it. 57) If you (use) a pencil, the drawing (be) perfect. 58) The children (be) happy if he (teach) them English. 59) If Ireen (visit) us, we (go) out tonight. 60) They (come) again if he (plan) a second stay. 61) If you (check) the car, it (not break) down in the middle of the desert. 62) If it (notrain), the children (play) . outside. 63) If my parents (not be) so tired, they (watch) the film on TV. 64) If she (buy) a new hard disk, she (not lose) all data. 65) If we (use) the town map, we (not get) lost. 66) If Tom (eat) more salad, he (not catch) a cold. 67) If the police (not stop) me, I (reach) you in time. 68) If his older brother (not drive) so fast, he (not crash) into the other car 69) If Fred (not cheat) at the test, his teacher (not phone) his father. Trang 25
  26. 70) If I (not switch off) the radio, I (know) about the second goal. 71/ If I (have) ___ a typewriter, I could type it myself. 72/ If I had known that you were in hospital , I (visit) ___ you. 73/ You could make much progress if you (attend) ___ class regularly. 74/ If I (know) ___ his telephone number, I would give it to you. 75/ If you (arrive) ___ ten minutes earlier, you would have got a seat. 76/ If he (study) ___ harder, he can pass an exam. 77/ She may be late if she (not hurry) ___. 78/ Tell him to ring me if you (see) ___ him. 79/ If you (speak) ___ more slowly,he might have understood you. 80/ What (you do) ___ if you got fat ? 81/ If you are kind to me, I (be) ___ good to you. 82/ He (come) ___ if you waited. 83/ If you (ring) ___ the bell, the servant would come. 84/ If I had known that the baby was hungry, I (feed) ___ him. 85/ If it (not, rain) ___ a lot, the rice crop wouln’t grow. 86/ If today (be) ___ Sunday, we wouldn’t have to work. 87/ If she had had your address, she (write) ___ to you. 88/ We lost the match. If you (play) ___ for us, we (win) ___. 90/ They would not be paid unless they (do) ___ their work well. 91 If I see him, I (give) .him a lift. 92 The table will collapse if you (stand) on it. 93 If he (eat) all that, he will be ill. 94 If I find your passport I (telephone) you at once. 95 The police (arrest) him if they catch him. 96 If he (read) in bad light, he will ruin his eyes. 97 Someone (steal) your car if you leave it unlocked. 98 What will happen if my parachute (not open) ? 99 If he (wash) my car, I'll give him Ј10. 100 If she (need) a radio, she can borrow mine. 101 If you (not go) away, I'll send for the police. 102 I'll be very angry if he (make) any more mistakes. 103 If he (be) late we'll go without him. 104 She will be absolutely furious if she (hear) about this. 105 If you put on the kettle, I (make) the tea 106 If you give my dog a bone, he (bury) it at once. 107 If we leave the car here, it (not be) in anybody's way. Trang 26
  27. 108 He'll be late for the train if he (not start) at once. 109 If you come late, they (not let) you in. 120 If he (go) on telling lies, nobody will believe a word he says. 121 Unless he (sell) more he won't get much commission. 122 If I lend you Ј10 when you (repay) me? 123 We'll have to move upstairs if the river (rise) any higher. 124 If he (work) hard today, can he have a holiday tomorrow? 125 Ice (turn) to water if you heat it. 126 If the house (burn) down, we can claim compensation. 127 If you (not like) t his one, I'll bring you another. 128 Unless you are more careful, you (have) an accident. 129 Tell him to ring me up if you (see) him. 130 If I tell you a secret, you (promise) not to tell it to anyone else? 131 If you (not believe) what I say, ask your mother. 132 If he (like) the house, will he buy it? 133 If you will kindly sit down I (make) enquiries for you. 134 Unless I have a quiet room I (not be able) to do any work. 135 She won't open the door unless she (know) who it is. 136 Should you require anything else please (ring) the bell for the attendant. 137 More tourists would come to this country if it (have) a better climate. 138 If I were sent to prison, you (visit) me? 139 If someone (give) you a helicopter, what would you do with it? 140 I (buy) shares in that company if I had some money. 141 If he (clean) his windscreen he'd be able to see where he was going. 142 If you drove your car into the river, you (be able) to get out? 143 If you (not belong) to a union, you couldn't get a job. 144 If I (win ) a big prize in a lottery, I'd give up my job. 145 What you (do) if you found a burglar in your house? 146 I could tell you what this means if I (know) Greek. 147 If everybody (give) Ј1, we would have enough. 148 He might get fat if he (stop) smoking. 149 If he knew that it was dangerous he (not come). 150 If you (see) someone drowning what would you do? 151 I (be) ruined if I bought her everything she asked for. Trang 27
  28. 152 If you slept under a mosquito net you (not be) bitten so often. 153 I could get a job easily if I (have) a degree. 154 If she (do) her hair differently she might look quite nice. 155 If we had more rain our crops (grow) faster. 156 The whole machine would fall to pieces if you (remove) that screw 157 I (keep) a horse if I could afford it. ' 158 I'd go and see him more often if he (live) on a bus route. 159 If they (ban) the sale of alcohol at football matches there might be less violence. 160 I (offer) to help if I thought I'd be any use. ' 161 What would you do if the lift (get) stuck between two floors? 162 If you (paint) the walls white the room would be much brighter. 163 If you (change) your job would it affect your pension? 164 If you knew you had only six weeks to live how you (spend) those six weeks? 165 You wouldn't have so much trouble with your car if you (have) it serviced regularly. 166 I'd climb over the wall if there (not be) so much broken glass on it 167 If I had known that you were in hospital I (visit) you. 168 The ground was very soft. But for that, my horse (win). 169 If you (arrive) ten minutes earlier you would have got a seat. 170 You would have seen my garden at its best if you (be) here last week. 171 But for his quickness I (be) killed. 172 I shouldn't have believed it if I (not see) it with my own eyes. 173 If he had slipped he (fall) 500 meters. 174 If he had asked you, you (accept) ? 175 If I (had) a map I would have been all right. 176 If I (know) that you were coming I'd have baked a cake. 177 I (offer) to help him if I had realized that he was ill. 178 If you had left that wasp alone it (not sting) you. 179 If I (realize) what a bad driver you were I wouldn't have come with you. 180 If I had realized that the traffic lights were red I (stop) . Trang 28
  29. 181 But for the fog we (reach) our destination ages ago. 182 If you had told me that he never paid his debts I (not lend) him the money. 183 If you (not sneeze) he wouldn't have known that we were there. 184 If you (put) some mustard in the sandwiches they would have tasted better. 185 The hens (not get) into the house if you had shut the door. 186 If he had known that the river was dangerous he (not try) to swim across it. 187 If you (speak) more slowly he might have understood you. 188 If he had known the whole story he (not be) so angry. 189 I shouldn't have eaten it if I (know) that there was ginger in it. 190 If I (try) again I think that I would have succeeded. 191 You (not get) into trouble if you had obeyed my instructions. 192 If you hadn't been in such a hurry you (not put) sugar into the sauce instead of salt. 193 If I (be) ready when he called he would have taken me with him. 194 She had a headache; otherwise she (come) with us. 195 If she had listened to my directions she (not turn) down the wrong street. 196 If you (look) at the engine for a moment you would have seen what was missing. 197 Rome (be captured) by her enemies if the geese hadn't cackled. 198 He would have been arrested if he (try) to leave the country. 199 I (take) a taxi if I had realized that it was such a long way. 200 You (save) me a lot of trouble if you had told me where you were going. 201 If I had a typewriter I (type) it myself. 202 If I (know) his address I'd give it to you. 203 He (look) a lot better if he shaved more often. 204 If you (play) for lower stakes you wouldn't lose so much. 205 If he worked more slowly he (not make) so many mistakes. 206 I shouldn't drink that wine if I (be) you. Trang 29
  30. 207 They would have forced their way into the house if I (not call) for help. 208 If he had put out his pipe before putting it in his pocket he (not burn ) a hole in his coat. 209. If I (lose) my license, I shall lose my job. 211 If you (find) a skeleton in the cellar don't mention it to anyone. 212 If you pass your examination we (have) a celebration. 213 What (happen) if I press this button? 214 I should have voted for her if I (have) a vote then. 215 If you go to Paris where you (stay) ? 216 If someone offered to buy you one of those rings, which you (choose) ? 217 The flight may be cancelled if the fog (get) thick. 218 If the milkman (come) tell him to leave two pints. 219 Someone (sit) on your glasses if you leave them there. 220 You would play better bridge if you (not talk) so much. 221 What I (do) if I hear the burglar alarm? 222 If you (read) the instructions carefully you wouldn't have answered the wrong question. 223 I could repair the roof myself if I (have) a long ladder. 224 Unless they turn that radio off I (go) mad. 225 If you were made redundant what you (do) ? 226 We'll have a long way to walk if we (run) out of petrol here. 227 If you shake that bottle of port it (not be) fit to drink. 228 I'll probably get lost unless he (come) with me. 229 You (not have) so many accidents if you drove more slowly. 230 If you (wear) a false beard nobody would have recognized you. 231 If she (leave) the fish there the car will get it. 232 Unless they leave a lamp beside that hole in the road somebody into it. 233 You'll get pneumonia if you (not change) your wet clothes. 234 If I had known that you couldn't eat octopus I (not buy) it. 235 If they (hang) that picture lower people would be able to see it. 236 She (be able) t o walk faster if her shoes hadn't such high heels. 237 I (bring) you some beer if I had known that you were thirsty. Trang 30
  31. 238 If you had touched that electric cable you (be) electrocuted. 239 If the story hadn't been true the newspaper (not print) it. 240 I (not buy) things on the installment system if I were you. 241 Dial 999 if you (want) Police, Ambulance, or Fire Brigade. 242 You (not be) any use to me unless you learn to type. 243 If anyone attacked me, my dog (jump) at his throat. 244 If he were in he (answer) the phone 245 The ship would have run aground if the pilot (make) one mistake. 246 I shouldn't have taken your umbrella if I (know) that it was the only one you 247. If I (have) time, I will write to him. 248. If it’s cold, I (need) a heavier coat. 248. What are you going to do if you (have) a holiday? 249. If I can go tomorrow, I (let) you know. 250. If I should meet Helen, I (give) her your message. 251.If it costs too much, I (buy) .a small one. 252.If you (drive) .more carefully, you wouldn’t have so many accidents. 253.What (happen) if there (not be) gravity? 254.If I (make) that mistake again, my teacher (get) angry with me. 255.If I spoke English, my job (be) a lot easier. 256. If flowers don’t get any water, they (die) 257. If I (get) a headache, I usually take some aspirins. 258. I will go to the party unless it (rain) 259. She will buy the car as long as it (not be) too expensive. 260. Everything (be) all right provided you tell the truth. 261. If he (come) , please tell him that I’ll be back in a few minutes. 262. Don’t come if they (not call) you. 263. If you (need) some help, why don’t you tell me? 264. Suppose you (win) a lot of money, what would you do? 265. If I got up earlier, I (not be) late for work. 266. If I didn’t feel so tired, I (go) out with you. 267. If you (not pass) the exam, would you take it again? 268. If I (be) you, I would apply for the job. 269. I could repair the car if I (have) the right tools. 270. If I (study) hard, I would have passed the exam. Trang 31
  32. 271. If I (not be) busy yesterday, I would have visited you. 272. She (go) to the university if she had had the opportunity. 273. Suppose they had offered her a job, do you think she (take) it? 274. If she hadn’t been ill yesterday, she (go) to work now. 275. If I (be) you, I wouldn’t have told him the truth yesterday. 276. If today were Monday, I (not go) to work yesterday 277. What would happen if you (not go) to work tomorrow. 278. If I had gone to your party last night, I (be) very tired now. 279. If he had gotten one more mark, he (pass)__ the exam. 280. If I make a promise, I (keep)_ it. 281. If I (have) enough money, I will buy a new skateboard. 282. I would have been glad if he (visit) _me in hospital. 283. If they were rich, they (stay) at a hotel. 24. If he had offered me the job, I (take) ._it. 285. She will be angry if you (not, tell)_ the truth. 286. If Jack (come) to my party, I would have danced with him. 287. If he (drive) more carefully, he would not cause an accident. 288. The Millers (move) to the seaside if they had had children. 289. If they take their medicine, they (feel)_ better. 290. If you had asked me, I (tell) you. 291. We (not, get) .good marks if we don’t learn hard. 292. They would be glad if the rain (stop) soon. 293. If he (not, go) back now, he will be late. 294. If we had gone to London, we (see) .the Tower. 295. What on earth would you do if the brakes of your car (not, work) 296.If he (go) to London yesterday, he (meet) his old friend. 297.Would you mind if you suddenly (win) half a million pounds? 298.I (lend) .them some money if they (ask) .me. 299.If we (know) who he was, we (invite) him to speak at our meeting. 300.If they had invited us, naturally we (go) .to the party. 301.If Don and I (have) .enough money, we would buy a house. 302.Ice (turn) to water if you (heat) it. 303.I (speak) .to France if I (see) him yesterday. 304.If I (realize) that the traffic lights were red. I (stop) Trang 32
  33. 305.They (not / let) .you in if you come late. 306.If you (not / go) away, I’ll send for a policeman. 307.If I (be) .in your place, I (accept) .Mr Long’s officer. 308.If I (win) a big prize in a lottery, I’d give up my job. 309.If Tom (be) here yesterday, he (be) able to advise us. 310.I was busy. If I (have) free time, I (go) to the cinema with you. 311.If I (be) you, I (tell) her the truth. 312.Why didn’t you attend the meeting? Oh, I (not know) indeed. If I (know) I (come) there. 313.What .we (do) if they (not come) tomorrow? 314.If you meet him, remember (not tell) .him what I (just say) to you. 315.If I (have) .enough time now, I (write) to my parents. 316.It’s too bad Helen isn’t here. If she (be) there, she (know) what to do. 317.If I (not eat) breakfast tomorrow morning, I (get) hungry during class. 318.I (change) .the present economic policy if I (be) the President of the United States. 319.If the weather (be) nice today, we (go) to the zoo. 310.If I (be) in your position, I (not do) .that. II.Write conditional sentences according to the ideas suggested: 1.Mary doesn’t see the sight. She can’t tell you about that. 2.It wasn’t fine yesterday. We didn’t go for a walk. 3.I saw it with my own eyes. I believed it. 4.The accident happened because the driver didn’t see the stop sign. 5.You can’t come late or they won’t let you in. Trang 33
  34. 6.I don’t know Greek, so I can’t tell you about that. 7.Gravity keeps people from being hurled off the earth as it whirls around. 8.Stop talking or you won’t understand the lesson. 9.The church bells keep me from sleeping. 10.Go right now or you’ll be late for the train. III. Rewrite the following sentences by using conditional sentences. 1. I'll buy a new hat. I'll give it to you. If___. 2. Today isn't Sunnday. The pupils can't go swimming. If___. 3. He wasn't here. He didn't have a lot of fun. If___. 4. My brother will have anough money. He will buy a bicycle. If___. 5. He didn't have time. He didn't read this novel. If___. 6. Because she missed the bus, she was late. If___. 7. Peter doesn't study hard, so he can't get good marks. If___. 8. My sister is absent from her class because she has a terrible headache. If___. 9. Windy didn't come, so we cancelled the meeting. If___. 10. He was angry, so he didn't say anything. If___. 11. He can’t go out because he has to study for his exam. => If 12. She is lazy so she can’t pass the exam. If 13. He will pay me tonight; I will have enough money to buy a car. => If . 14. He smokes too much; that’s why he can’t get rid of his cough. => If Trang 34
  35. 15. She is very shy, so she doesn’t enjoy the party. => If 16. I will get a work permit. I will stay for another month. => If 17. He doesn’t take any exercises. He is so unhealthy => If . 18. We can’t get the ticket because I don’t have the right change. => If 19. Study hard or you won’t pass the exam. => If 20. Don’t be impatient or you will make mistakes. => If 21. I didn’t eat lunch, I feel hungry now. => If I . 22. If you want my advice,I would’t buy it. =>If I 23. I only come if they invite me. => unless . 24. He didn’t revise all his lessons, he failed the exam. => If he 25. The park is over there, only 5 minutes’ walk. => If you walk . 26. In case it rain, we’ll stay at home =>If it 27. Let me give you my advice. You should cut down on smoking right now. => If I 28. They are poor, so they can’t help us. . 29. She is very shy; that’s why she doesn’t enjoy parties. . 30. He is very unhealthy because he doesn’t take any exercise. . 31. I didn’t see the signal, so I didn’t stop. . 32. The only way that I can take you is my father lends me a car. . 32. He doesn’t do his homework. He is always punished. . 33. He doesn’t have enough time. He can’t help me. Trang 35
  36. . 34. She doesn’t take any exercise, so she is overweight. . 35. He doesn’t have a bicycle, so he always goes to class late. . 36. I am bad at English, so I can’t do homework. . 37. He doesn’t practise speaking French, so he doesn’t speak it fluently. . 38. The meeting can be cancelled because it snows heavily. . 39. We don’t go because it will rain. . 40. John is fat because he eats so many chips. . 41. He didn't hurry, so he missed the train. . 42. We didn't go because it rained. . 43. We got lost because we didn't have a map . 44. He lost his job because he was late every day. 45. The dress was so expensive. She could not buy it. 46. Sue felt sick because she ate four cream cakes. 47. My brother left the car keys, so I had to pick him up at the station. 48. We didn't go on holiday because we didn't have enough money. 49. He didn't have the ticket to the game last week. He wasn't be able to get in. 50. Robert got a bad cough because he started smoking cigarettes. 51. She didn’t have an umbrella, so she got wet. If 52. You are so nervous because you drink too much coffee. If Trang 36
  37. 53. I’ll call the teacher if you don’t leave alone. Unless 54. I didn’t tell you because you didn’t ask me. If 55. As I haven’t got money, I can’t buy a new car. If 56. I lost my watch and, as a result, we missed our plane when we went on holidays. If 57. You introduced her to me some months ago, that’s why we became friends. If 58. I didn’t buy the dress because I didn’t have my credit card with me. If 59. When you ask me for the car, I will lend it to you. Unless 60. You missed the party and you didn’t meet my friends. If 61. He didn’t win the race because he fell over. if 62. He isn’t a good runner because he doesn’t train every day. If 63. He doesn’t save enough to buy a computer but he’d like to 64. I’d like to go with you tonight but I am very busy. 65. She wasn’t able to answer the questions, so she failed the exam. 66. The reason why I didn’t phone you was that I didn’t know your phone number. 67. Without the sun, we wouldn’t exist. 68. Peter was very nervous and failed the driving test. 69. I can’t tell you what time it is because I don’t have a watch. 70. She didn’t learn mathematics; that’s why she was cheated by that salesman. Trang 37
  38. 71. We missed the train because the clock wasn’t right. 72. The dress is very expensive, so she can’t buy it. 73. The teacher was very angry. His pupils did their homework carelessly 74.He doesn’t eat fish when he isn’t extremely hungry. If 75. We didn’t hurry, so we were late for the concert. If 76. In order to get a driver’s license, you must be at least 18 years old. If you 77. A person must have a passport to be able to travel abroad. A person cannot travel abroad unless_ 78. Ann’s having a lot of trouble because she lost her passport last week. If 79. Tom doesn’t do anything if you don’t tell him what to do. Unless 80. We must take steps to preserve natural resources, or the planet will be in danger. Unless 81. It’s such a pity your sister can’t come as well. If only 82. The soil would become poor unless the farmer added fertilizers. If 83. You probably won’t have time, but I’d like you to come and see. If 84. There were such a lot of traffic; that’s why we are late. Had 85. I couldn’t have managed it without your help. If_ 86. It was her determination which enable her to get better so quickly. If 87. He doesn’t get a job, so he can’t pay his bills. If 88. She isn’t fit because she sits around too much. If 89. The fire brigade came immediately, so the house didn’t burn down. Trang 38
  39. If_ 90. Sue walked to work in the rain and caught a cold. If 91. We can’t bathe in this part of river because the water is too dirty. . 92. We spend too much money on electricity because we have four air conditioners in our house. . 93. I can’t write to Linh because I don’t have her address. . 94. Dick often causes accidents because he drives carelessly. . 95. We can’t give much help to the poor because we waste a lot of money on unnecessary things. . 96. Without this treatment, the patient would have died. If he 97. We got lost because we didn’t have a map. If we 98. He lost his job because he was late every day. If he 99. Peter is fat because he eats so many chips. If 100. Robert got a bad cough because he started smoking cigarettes. If Robert 101. Those people weren’t prepared to face the floods; therefore, the consequence was disastrous. 102. We didn’t enjoy our camping trip last week because it rained all the time. 103. That village was heavily flooded last year because trees in the nearby forests were cut down without control. 104. We started our vacation too late, and we had to suffer bad weather. 105. She didn’t take her friends’ advice; therefore, she failed in her business. 106.His friends were late so they missed the train. If Trang 39
  40. 107.Today isn’t Sunday. The pupils can’t go swimming. If- 108.We haven’t got a big house. We can’t invite friends to stay. If 109.Be calm, or you’ll make a wrong decision. If 120.She is often absent from class, so she can’t keep pace with her classmates. If 121.He was late because he missed the train. If 122.If she doesn’t hurry, she’ll miss the bus. Unless - 123.She can’t walk without help, so she doesn’t go out very often. If 124.There will be a shortage of water unless it rains. If 125.We didn’t go on holiday because we didn’t have enough money. If we 126.Unless someone has a key, we can’t get into the house. We can only If 127.Unless it stops raining, we won’t go out. If 128.Without gravity, water couldn’t run down hill. Water couldn’t 129.I studied hard, so I passed the final examination. If 120.Listen to the teacher’s explanation or you can’t understand anything. If 121. I was sick yesterday, so I didn’t go to class. If 122. Because Alan never eats breakfast, he always overeats at lunch. If 123. Peter didn’t finish unloading the truck because John didn’t help him. If 124. He didn’t hurry, so he missed the train. If 125. My brother didn’t leave the car keys, so I couldn’t pick him up at the station. Trang 40
  41. If my brother 126. We didn’t go because it rained. If it hadn’t 127. We didn’t go on holiday because we didn’t have enough money. If we 128.Keep quiet or I’ll scream. Unless 129.I regret speaking to him so severely yesterday. I wish 130.Unless he phones immediately, he won’t get any information. If 131.We got lost because we didn’t have a map. If 312.We didn’t have enough rain, so we could not grow rice. If IV. Fill in the blanks: 1. If it had not rained, we (go)___ camping. 2. If he (speak)___ more slowly, I could have understood him. 3. What___you (do)___ if you were a mokey? 4. If he had listened carefully, he (perform)___well in his examination. 5. If I find your book, I (give)___ it to you. 6. If you came with us, you (have)___ a good time. 7. If I (not/miss)___ the bus, I could have come early. 8. If I took a trip this summer, I (go)___ to DatLat. 9. If he (not/steal)___ the wallet, he (not/be)___ in prison now. 10. If they (invite)___ yesterday, I (be)___ is a good day tomorrow. 11. We (go)___ swimming if it (be)___ a good day tomorrow. 12. If the weather (be)___ nice last day, I (go)___ for a walk. 13. My dog always barks if he (hear)___ anything unusual. 14. If he (not/ do)___ come soon, I'm not going to wait. 15. If the phone (ring)___, can you answer it? 16. If it rains this evening, I (not/will)___ go out. 17. If she (come)___, she will ghe a surprise. 18. If we had had enough money, we (buy)___ that house. V : Rewrite the following sentences using “Unless” 1. I won’t go to school if I don’t feel better. 2. Tony will talk to you if you question him. Trang 41
  42. 3. If you don’t put on your overcoat, you’ll be cold. 4. You will fail the exam if you don’t work hard. 5. You’ll get a cold if you don’t keep your feet dry. 6. If I don’t leave now, I’ll miss my flight. 7. If you aren’t going to the party, I won’t go. 8. I can’t send you a postcard if you don’t give me your address. 9. If I won a big prize in a lottery, I’d build a school for the poor. 10. I’ll call the police if you don’t leave me alone. CÂU BỊ ĐỘNG Bài 1. Viết lại câu từ chủ động sang bị động 1. They started a dancing class last week 2. MrSmith saw the accident 3. Somebody has taken my briefcase 4. The teacher returned our written work to us 5. She has finished the report by noon 6. The mad dog bit the little boy 7. The police have arrested five suspects 8. The doctor ordered him to take o long rest 9. They started a dancing class last week 10. MrSmith saw the accident Trang 42
  43. 11. Somebody has taken my briefcase 12. The teacher returned our written work to us 13. She has finished the report by noon 14. The mad dog bit the little boy 15. The police have arrested five suspects 16. The doctor ordered him to take o long rest 17. They are sweeping the streets 18. The mailman had already delivered the mail 19. He used to borrow my pen 20. He had to finish his work on time 21. You needn't do all the homework 22. You ought to tell him early 23. They don't use the room very often 24. They must widen the road to school this year 25. Have you done your homework? 26. Did you finish your work early? 27. She has to pick fruit very early in the morning. 28. The house was dirty because she hadn’t cleaned it for weeks. 29. She is taking care of the baby girl. 30. Children should treat old men with respect. Trang 43
  44. 31. She was wearing her new T-shirt when I met her yesterday. 32. The waiter brings me this dish. 33. Our friends send these postcards to us. 34. Their grandmother told them this story when they visited her last week. 35. Tim ordered this train ticket for his mother. 36. You didn’t show me the special camaras. 37. She showed her ticket to the airline agent. 38. He lends his friend his new shoes. 39. She left her relatives five million pounds. 40. The shop assistant handed these boxes to the customer. 41. The board awarded the first prize to the reporter. 42. Have you sent the christmas cards to your family? 43. The committee appointed Alice secretary for the meeting. 44. He hides the broken cup in the drawer. 45. They keep this room tidy all the time. 46. They all voted the party a great success. 47. We gave Ann some bananas and some flowers. 48. They moved the fridge into the living room. 49. She bought some cups of tea to the visitors in the next room. Trang 44
  45. 50. They find the new project worthless. 51. The secretary didn’t take the note to the manager. 52. My father waters this flower every morning. 53. John invited Fiona to his birthday party last night. 54. Her mother is preparing the dinner in the kitchen. 55. We should clean our teeth twice a day. 56. Our teachers have explained the English grammar. 57. Some drunk drivers caused the accident in this city. 58. Tom will visit his parents next month. 59. The manager didn’t phone the secretary this morning. 60. Did Mary this beautiful dress? 61. I won’t hang these old pictures in the living room. 62. The German didn’t build this factory during the Second World War. 63. The Greens are going to paint this house and these cars for Christmas Day. 64. Ann had fed the cats before she went to the cinema. 65. The students have discussed the pollution problems since last week. 66. Have the thieves stolen the most valuable painting in the national museum? 67. Some people will interview the new president on TV. 68. Are you going to repair those shoes? Trang 45
  46. 69. He has broken his nose in a football match. 70. Have you finished the above sentences? 71. The waiter brings me this dish. 72. Our friends send these postcards to us. 73. Their grandmother told them this story when they visited her last week. 74. Tim ordered this train ticket for his mother. 75. You didn’t show me the special camaras. 76. She showed her ticket to the airline agent. 77. He lends his friend his new shoes. 78. She left her relatives five million pounds. 79. The shop assistant handed these boxes to the customer. 80. The board awarded the first prize to the reporter. 81. Have you sent the christmas cards to your family? 82. The committee appointed Alice secretary for the meeting. 83. He hides the broken cup in the drawer. 84. They keep this room tidy all the time. 85. They all voted the party a great success. 86. We gave Ann some bananas and some flowers. 87. They moved the fridge into the living room. Trang 46
  47. 88. She bought some cups of tea to the visitors in the next room. 89. They find the new project worthless. 90. The secretary didn’t take the note to the manager. 91. Bill will invite Ann to the party. 92. I didn't write that letter. 93. Hundreds of people visit the White House everyday. 94. Everyone doesn't know this fact very well. 95. Do you wash the dishes everyday? 96. Shakespeare wrote that play. 97. Does Jackson give that lecture? 98. They will send you the money at the end of the month. 99. People speak Spanish in many countries. 100. The children often read stories in the evening. 101. Alice didn't make that cake. 102. They buy newspapers everywhere in the city. 103. That company will publish a textbook next year. 104. She delivers milk at about six o’clock . 105. Somebody cleans the room everyday. 106. A man asked me several difficult questions at the interview. 107. They will probably send him back to Britain. Trang 47
  48. 108. Now people find this kind of bird in only a few remote places in Scotland. 109. They grow rice in the north. 110. We don't raise cows on our farm. 111. People used oil-lamps years ago. 112. The boss will meet him tomorrow in the restaurant. 113. The old woman feeds fowls twice a day. 114. Does he often clean the windows? 115. She doesn't grow any trees in her garden. 116. The company will give him some money when he retires 117. They took it back to the zoo. 118. Someone picks the fruits everyday. 119. Does the girl do the housework? 120. They don't drive out the cattle to the field in the winter. 121. The club bought him 2 years ago for a fee of $20 000. 122. I’ll meet her at the airport. 123. Japan makes a lot of cars. 124. They don't keep cows over there. 125. Does machine do most of the farm work? 126. They will translate this book into Vietnamese. Trang 48
  49. 127. No one could do anything to put the fire out. 128. Where do people speak English? 129. They used to drink beer for breakfast in England years ago. 130. Should they help Jane with the sewing? 131. The mechanic is repairing Judy’s car. 132. They make these artificial flowers of silk 133. Did they feed Lulu last night? 134. He has spelt this word wrongly. 135. Nick will bring the pizzas to our house. 136. They are going to steal your money if you’re not careful. 137. Has anyone ever asked you for your opinion? 138. How do people learn languages? 139. Where will your company send you next year? 140. Who looked after the children when you were away? Bài 2:CHUYỂN CÁC CÂU SAU SANG BỊ ĐỘNG. (nâng cao) 1.They told me that you were the best architect in this city. 2.She reported that the flowers were killed by frost. 3.Some people inform me that the director is going to take a business trip to England. 4.That officer announced that the meeting was delayed until next week. 5.He discovered that this cotton was grown in Egypt. Trang 49
  50. 6.They promise that the performance will start on time. 7.He recommends that we should stay at the city center. 8.We believed that Alice would pass the driving test. 9.The director notifies all the workers that they will have to work extra hard this month. 10.They have persuaded me that they will go with me to the stadium. 11.They have decided that the company will go to the beach together at the weekend. 12.People think that Maradona is the best football player in the 20th century. 13. They find that the job is not suitable for a girl like her. 14. The teacher explained that this powerful engine pulled the train. 15.He told me that his football team had played well last season. Bài 3: Hoàn thành các câu sau chi động từ ở bị động hoặc chủ động: 1. He (sell) cars. 2. The blue car(sell) 3. In summer, more ice-cream(eat) than in winter. 4. She(call) her grandparents every Friday. 5. The letters(type) 6. He(take) his medicine every day. 7. Jane(take / not) to school by her father. 8. We(go) to school by bus. 9. She(work / not) for a bank. 10. Milk(keep) in the refrigerator. 11. In the year 122 AD, the Roman Emperor Hadrian(visit) his provinces in Britain. 12. On his visit, the Roman soldiers(tell) him that Pictish tribes from Britain's north(attack) them. 13. So Hadrian(give) the order to build a protective wall across one of the narrowest parts of the country. Trang 50
  51. 14. After 6 years of hard work, the Wall(finish) in 128. 15. It(be) 117 kilometres long and about 4 metres high. 16. The Wall(guard) by 15,000 Roman soldiers. 17. Every 8 kilometres there(be) a large fort in which up to 1,000 soldiers(find) shelter. 18. The soldiers(watch) over the frontier to the north and(check) the people who(want) to enter or leave Roman Britain. 19. In order to pass through the Wall, people(must go) to one of the small forts that(serve) as gateways. 20. Those forts(call) milecastles because the distance from one fort to another(be) one Roman mile(about 1,500 metres). 21. Between the milecastles there(be) two turrets from which the soldiers(guard) the Wall. 22. If the Wall(attack) by enemies, the soldiers at the turrets(run) to the nearest milecastle for help or(light) a fire that(can / see) by the soldiers in the milecastle. 23. In 383 Hadrian's Wall(abandon) 24. Today Hadrian's Wall(be) the most popular tourist attraction in northern England. 25. In 1987, it(become) a UNESCO World Heritage Site. BỊ ĐỘNG VỚI NHỮNG ĐỘNG TỪ SAI BẢO. Bài 4:CHUYỂN CÁC CÂU SAU SANG BỊ ĐỘNG. 1.I had my nephew paint the gate last week. 2.She will have Peter wash her car tomorrow. 3.They have her tell the story again. 4.John gets his sister to clean his shirt. 5.Anne had had a friend type her composition. 6.Rick will have a barber cut his hair. 7.I will get the dressmaker to make a new dress. 8.He had a mechanic repair his car. Trang 51
  52. 9.She often gets the technician to maintain the heater. 10.They had the police arrest the shoplifter. 11.Are you going to have the shoemaker repair your shoes? 12.I must have the dentist check my teeth. 13.She will have a veterinary surgeon examine her dog. 14.We had a man take this photograph when we were on holiday last summer. 15.The Greens had a carpet cleaner clean their carpet. CÂU HỎI ĐUÔI 1. Lan enjoys watching TV after dinner, ? 2. Tam didn’t go to school yesterday, ? 3. They’ll buy a new computer, ? 4. She can drink lots of tomato juice everyday, .? 5. She may not come to class today, .? 6. We should follow the traffic rules strictly, .? 7. Your mother has read these fairy tales for you many times, . .? 8. He seldom visits you, .? 9. You’ve never been in Italy, . .? 10. That’s Bob, .? 11. No-one died in the accident, .? 12. I’m supposed to be here, .? 13. Nothing is wrong .? 14. Nobody called the phone, .? 15. Everything is okay, .? 16. Everyone took a rest, .? 17. Going swimming in the summer is never boring, .? 18. Let’s dance together, .? 19. Don’t talk in class, .? 20. Sit down, .? 21. This picture is yours, .? 22. Hoa never comes to school late, .? 23. You took some photos on the beach, . .? Trang 52
  53. 24. He hardly ever makes a mistake, .? 25. They want to come, .? 26. Elizabeth is a dentist, ? 27. They won’t be here, ? 28. That is your umbrella, .? 29. There aren’t many people here yet, ? 30. He has a bicycle, ? 31. Peter would like to come with us to the party, ? 32. Those aren’t Fred’s books, ? 33. You have never been to Paris, ? 34. Something is wrong with Jane today, ? 35. Everyone can learn how to swim, ? 36. Nobody cheated in the exam, ? 37. Nothing went wrong while I was gone, ? 38. I am invited, .? 39. This bridge is not very safe, ? 40. These sausages are delicious, .? 41. You haven’t lived here long, ? 42. The weather forecast wasn’t very good, . ? 43. He’d better come to see me, ? 44. You need to stay longer, ? 45. You aren't afraid of snakes 46. Ann isn't at home 47. You don't know French 48. Tom didn't see her 49. This isn't yours 50. Mary wasn't angry 51. Bill hasn't had breakfast 52. You won't tell anyone . 53. I didn't wake you up 54. Tom doesn't like oysters . 55. You don't want to sell the house . 56. It doesn't hurt . 57. People shouldn't drink and drive 58. You aren't going alone 59. They couldn't pay the rent 60. You don't agree with Bill . 61. There wasn't a lot to do 62. I needn't say anything Trang 53
  54. 63. That wasn't Ann on the phone 64. You didn't do it on purpose . 65. This won't take long 66. She doesn't believe you . 67. It didn't matter very much . 68. He shouldn't put so much salt in it . 69. Mary couldn't leave the children alone 70. You aren't doing anything tonight . 71. You wouldn't mind helping me with this 72. George hadn't been there before 73. The children weren't surprised . 74. You wouldn't like another drink 75. Tom doesn't have to go to lectures 76. Bill hasn't got a car 77. Bill couldn't have prevented it . 78. I needn't wait any longer . 79. There weren't any mosquitoes . 80. The fire wasn't started deliberately(thận trọng) 81. The children can read French 82. He's ten years old 83. Bill came on a bicycle 84. The Smiths have got two cars 85. Your grandfather was a millionaire . 86. Tom should try again . 87. It could be done 88. Your brother's here 89. That's him over there . 90. George can leave his case here . 91. This will fit in your pocket 92. His wife has headaches quite often 93. She's got lovely blue eyes 94. The twins arrived last night 95. Mary paints portraits 96. Bill puts the money in the bank . 97. Bill put the money in the bank 98. Prices keep going up 99. I've seen you before 100. Bill's written a novel 101. His mother's very proud of him Trang 54
  55. 102. The twins used to play rugby . 103. Tom might be at home now 104. We must hurry 105. You'd been there before 106. You'd like a drink 107. The boys prefer a cooked breakfast . 108. Mary ought to cook it for them . 109. That was Ann on the phone 110. The Smiths need two cars . 111. You'll help me 112. He used to eat raw fish 113. There'11 be plenty for everyone 114. You'd better wait for Bill . 115. You'd come if I needed help 116. You could come at short notice 117. You don't know where Ann is, ? 118. They haven't seen this film, ? 119. You wouldn't tell anyone about it, ? 120. He'd never seen you before, ? 121. Let's go out for a walk, ? 122. This is your book, ? 123. I am supposed to be here, ? 124. There is a meeting tonight, ? 125. Tom won't be here late, ? 126. You 're tired, ? 127. You haven't lived here long, ? 128. You came in a sports car, ? 129. These cakes look good, ? 130. You can speak German, ? 131. You couldn't do me a favor, ? 132. You have heard about that, ___? 133. Nam did the work well, ___? 134. He didn’t have to speak to me, ___? 135. He won’t fall down, ___? 136. You wouldn’t like the window open, ___? 137. He used to beat his wife, ___? 138. Come and see me tomorrow, ___? 139. Don’t sheet the door, ___? 140. Let’s sing together, ___? Trang 55
  56. 141. I’d better go, ___? 142. I am your teacher, ___? 143. There’s an examination tomorrow, ___? 144. She’s been studying English for 2 years, ___? 145. You can’t play tennis today, ___? 146. Let me lend you a hand, ___? 147. Everybody can learn how to swim, ___? 148. He hardly feeds his family, ___? 149. She could scarcely hear what he said, ___? 150. She never works on Sundays, ___? 151. They did nothing, ___? 152. There is no one in the house, ___? 153. You have heard about that, 154. Nam did the work well, 155. He didn’t have to speak to me, 156. He won’t fall down, 157. You wouldn’t like the windown open, 158. She used to beat his wife, 159. She came very late, 160. Come and see me tomorrow, 161. That’s the sort of thing you would do, 162. I’d better go, 163. There is an examination tomorrow, 164. She’s been studying English for two years, 165. You can’t play tennis today, 166. It is surely sunny today, 167. Beverly will be attending the university in September, 168. I’m never called “Scholar”, 169. No one has come here, 170. Everybody can learn how to swim, 171. Ha’s family often have tea for breakfast, 172. She never works on Sundays, 173. You can speak English, 174. He shouldn’t smoke, 175. That job is hardly suitable for her, 176. They were there, 177. They arrived yesterday, 178. She doesn’t want to go, 179. He will come, Trang 56
  57. 180. Your father is a teacher, . 181. There are more countries north of the equator than south of it, 182. You have never been in Italy, 183. You have a ticket to the game, 184. You don’t know of any vacant apartments, 185. He doesn’t need a furnished apartment, 186. But I guess he can always rent some, 187. The movers aren’t packing the books for us, 188. You have lived in Hollyood for many years, 189. You didn’t know anyone here at first, 190. Sally turn in her report, 191. That’s Bob’s, 192. No one died in the accident, 193. You’re working on another screenplay now, 194. Speaking of kids, you have some of your own, 195. That depends on what you mean by a long time, 196. We should call Rita, 197. I’m supposed to be here, 198. Nothing wrong, 199. You are still wanted by the police, 200. We went to Stan’s holiday party last year, 201. Tom and Fred hadn’t been to Florida before then, 202. I’m asually right about the weather, 203. Nobody called on the phone, 204. Everything are OK, 205. Everyone took the test, 206. There are a lot of people here, 207. They had to go home, 208. The little children were let go away, 209. Mary realy goes out on Sundays, 210. There is something wrong with the new car, 211. That is true story, 212. The qualiyof these recordings is not very good, 213. Let’s go to the cinema tonight, 214. This book isn’t very interesting, 215. Tom has never written to you, 216. Mr. Brown needs to leave right now, 217. Everything is all right now, 218. Listen to what I am staying, Trang 57
  58. 219. Fruit juices and milk are healthyful drinks, 220. Tom had great difficulty finding a jobs, 221. The police come to the side of the accident, 222. Ba complained about the noise, 223. I am not your enemy, ? 224. I’m your friend .? 225. He was a student, .? 226. You were workers, ? 227. You were born in Dalat, ? 228. You have a book, ? 229. You don’t have a new car, ? 230. Mary has finished her homework, ? 231. No car is allowed, ? 232. Nothing was particular, ? 233. Nobody came to see you, ? 234. Everyone greeted you, ? 235. Somebody has lost his car keys, ? 236. This is your house, ? 237. That is your dictionary, ? 238. These are your pens, ? 239. Those are your books, ? 240. Tom and Tim can’t speak Chinese, ? 241. We’ll see you tomorrow, ? 242. You could go with us, .? 243. She visited here last year, .? 244. Children shouldn’t smoke cigarettes, ? CÂU TƯỜNG THUẬT I. Write these sentences in reported speech, using the words given 1. “I haven’t got any money”. (He’ll tell you) 2. “I’ve seen the film before”. (She says) 3. “I want to go home”. (She’s already told you) 4. “I haven’t seen my mother for years”. (He says) Trang 58
  59. 5. “We can’t come on Tuesday”. (They’ve told me) 6. “We haven’t had anything to eat”. (The children say) 7. “I can’t stand classical music”. (She tells me) 8. “I’ll come again”. (I’ve told them) 9. “I need money to visit my parents”. (He’ll say) 10. “I don’t know how much it costs”. (She says) 11. “I don’t like going to parties”. (She’s told me) 12. “I’m not feeling very well”. (Simon says) 13. “We’ve never been to Paris”. (They say) 14. “The plane will land in half an hour” (The pilot has just announced that) II. Change these statements into reported speech 1. Sally said, “I don’t like chocolate”. 2. Mary said, “I am planning to take a trip”. 3. Tom said, “I have already eaten lunch”. 4. Kate said, “I called my doctor”. 5. Mr. Rice said, “I’m going to Chicago”. 6. Eric said, “I’ll come to the meeting”. 7. Jean said, “I can’t afford to buy a new car”. Trang 59
  60. 8. Jessica said, “I may go to the library”. 9. Ted said, “I have to finish my work”. 10. Miss Young said, “I must talk to Professor Reed”. 11. Alice said, “I should visit my aunt and uncle”. 12. Jim said, “I am sleepy”. 13. They said, “We had lunch in Lug’s restaurant”. 14. Susan said, “I’m washing the car”. 15. The little boy said, “I feel ill”. III.Change these statements into reported speech 1. She said, “I’ll see you tomorrow”. 2. He said, “I saw her yesterday”. 3. She said, “I don’t like this film”. 4. Tom said, “I went swimming today”. 5. He said, “I met her about 3 months ago”. 6. She said, “Peter and Sure are getting married tomorrow”. 7. He said, “I’m meeting them at 4 o’clock today”. 8. I said, “Mary really likes this furniture”. Trang 60
  61. 9. They said, “We’ll see her next summer”. 10. He said, “I’ll see Mary on Sunday”. 11. He said, “They were here 3 months ago”. 12. He said, “Stephen’s bringing some records to the party tonight”. 13. They said, “We visited her this morning”. 14. She said, “My parents are arriving next week”. 15. Marry said, “I have to go now”. 16. She asked me, “Do you like Marlon Brando?” 17. I said to him, “Are you a foreigner?” 18. He asked her, “Have you met Danny yet?” 19. He asked me, “Did you borrow my dictionary?” 20. They said to me, “Does your father work here?” 21. She asked him, “Does your brother live in New York?” 22. He said, “Will she come here tonight?” 23. I asked the hotel receptionist, “Do you have a double room?” 24. Peter asked us, “Have you seen that movie yet?” 25. I asked the mechanic, “Will it take long to repair the car?” Trang 61
  62. 26. She asked, “Are you hungry?” 27. He said to me, “Did you invite Judy and Pat?” 28. I asked the policeman, “Can I park my car in West Street?” 29. He asked, “Are you enjoying yourself?” 30. She asked him, “Have you finished your exams?” 31. “Which book did you take?” asked Tom. 32. “When are you coming back?” I asked her. 33. “When did you telephone your mother?” asked Mary. 34. “How long does the train take?” asked Ann. 35. “How far do I have to walk?” she asked. 36. “What are you doing?” he asked. 37. “Why are you so late?” the teacher asked him. 38. I asked the doctor, “How many times a day should I take the medicine?” 39. “What time does the plane arrive?” we asked. 40. “Why didn’t you phone?” my father asked me. 41. “Where did you stay in Paris?” he asked her. 42. “Who did you see at the meeting?” my father asked me. Trang 62
  63. 43. “Where are you going?” I asked her. 44. “How are you?” he asked me. 45. “How did you go to school?” she asked. 46. “Don’t go near the sea, children”. (The children’s mother warned) 47. “Don’t be late, Jim”. (Jim’s father told) 48. “Be quiet, children”. (The librarian told) 49. “Don’t shoot!” (The officer ordered me) 50. “Don’t use the telephone after 7.00”. (The landlady told us) 51. “Open the door, please”. (My mother told me) 52. “Don’t spend too much money on your holiday”. (My father told me) 53. “Hurry up”. (He told me) 54. “Leave your keys on the desk, please”. (the receptionist told us) 55. “Run!” (The general ordered the soldiers) 56. “Listen carefully”, he said to us. 57. “Don’t wait for me if I’m late”, Ann said to him. 58. “Eat more fruit and vegetables”, the doctor said to her. 59. “Don’t shout”, I said to him. Trang 63
  64. 60. “Shut the door but don’t lock it”, she said to us. 61. Ann says, “I’m tired”. 62. Tom said, “New York is bigger than London”. 63. “Come and see me if you have time”, he said to us. 64. “Please help us”, they said to us. 65. “Don’t forget to send your parents my regards”, she said to me. 66. I said to him, “Where did you put it?” 67. They asked, “Where’s your school?” 68. Bill says to me, “Where will he go tomorrow?” 69. Mary said to me, “When did you pick Ann up?” 70. John said, “When will the teacher get back?” 71. Ann said, “What do you call a person who makes and repairs things of iron, Jane”. 72. She said, “How do you go to the circus?” 73. The traveller asked, “How long does it take to get to London?” 74. Mr. Smith said to me, “Where are you going on your vacation?” 75. William said, “I won’t visit her again”. 76. John said, “I have finished studying my lesson”. Trang 64
  65. 77. “The clock will never work again if you try to repair it”, the man said. 78. Mary said, “I can’t go to the movies with you, John”. 79. “Lift up your head, Lan” said her mother. 80. He told me, “Don’t call me a champion”. 81. He asked me, “Why didn’t you come to class yesterday?” 82. She wanted to know, “How long will it take me to get there?” 83. She asked him, “Have you read this book?” 84. He asked me, “Who is the girl over there?” 85. “Did you phone me yesterday?” Tom asked Mary. 86. “Do you know how far the swimming pool is?” I asked Mary. 87. “Do you like this?” – “Yes”. 88. “I didn’t know them – Did you, Tom”, she asked. 89. Avoid the Marble Arch”, said the policeman “There’s going to be a big demonstration there”. 90. “Don’t take more than 2 of these at once”, said the doctor, handing me a bottle of pills. 91. “I’d buy the big tin if I were you”, said the grocer. 92. Mary says, “I usually get up much earlier than you do, Tom”. Trang 65
  66. 93. The doctor said, “Stay out of crowds and don’t forget to take medicines”. 94. “Open the door,” he said to them. -He told them 95. “Where are you going?” he asked her. -He asked her where 96. “Which way did they go?” he asked. -He asked 97. “Bring it back if it doesn’t fit”, I said to her. -I told 98. “Don’t try to open it now,” she said to us. -She told 99. “Is it going to be a fine day today?” I asked her. -I asked her 100. “He’s not at home”, she said. -She said that 101. “Is the bus station far away?” the girl asked. -The girl wanted to know 102. “Don’t stay out late, Ann” Tom said. -Tom told Ann 103. “Please let me borrow your car,” he said to her. -He asked 104. “Jean, have you seen my gloves?” Thomas asked. -Thomas asked Jean 105. Don’t leave the window open, Mary”, I said. -I told Mary 106. “I’ll have a cup of tea with you,” she said. She said that 107. “I’ll pay him if I can” she said. -She said that 108. “What are you going to do next summer?” she asked. - She asked us 109. “I’ll phone you tomorrow,” he told Jack. -He told Jack that Trang 66
  67. 110. “Can I sit beside you, Jean?” Tom asked. -Tom asked Jean 111. “I want a camera for my birthday,” he said. -He said that 112. “Don’t keep the door locked,” he said to us. -He told us 113. “How long are you going to stay?” I asked him. -I asked him how long 114. “Are you going by train?” she asked me. -She wanted to know 115. “Don’t use too much hot water,” she said to us. -She asked us 116. “Will you come to my party?” she said to me. -She invited me 117. “Don’t do it again,” she said to them. She told them 118. “ Did Mr Brown send the potatoes to you?” she asked. -She asked 119. “Don’t get your shoes dirty, boys,” she said. -She told 120. “What do you want for lunch today, Peter?” Mary asked. -Mary asked 121. “Can I borrow your typewriter, Janet?” asked Peter. - Peter asked if 122. “Why didn’t I get a computer before?” thought the office manager. -The office manager wondered 123. “You had better not lend him any more money, Elizabeth,’’ said John. -John advised Elizabeth 124. “You stole my best cassette, Amanda!” said John. -John accused 125. “ You damaged my bicycle, John!” said Mary. -Mary accused 126. “When was your little boy born?” said the nurse to Mrs. Bingley. -The nurse asked Mrs. Bingley Trang 67
  68. 127. “You should take more exercise, Mr. Robert,” the doctor said. -The doctor advised 128. “Will I find a job?”, Tim said to himself. -Tim wondered 129. “I’m sorry I gave you the wrong number,” said Paul to Susan. -Paul apologized 130. “When is the first day of your holiday, Peter?” Martha asked. - Martha asked Peter when 131. “Can I have a new bicycle?” said Anna to her mother. -Anna asked 132. “Don’t leave the house until I get back, William”, his mother said. - William’s mother told 133. “Don’t bite your nails,” said Mrs. Rogers to her son. -Mrs. Rogers told 134. “I’ve seen the film three times, Mary” said George. -George said 135. “I’m sorry, Angela,” said Martin, “I’m afraid I’ve damaged your car. -Martin apologized 136. “Have you had enough for lunch?” the landlady asked us. -The landlady asked 137. “ John, please don’t tell anyone my new address,” said Mary. -Mary asked 138. “Breakfast will not be served after 9. 30” said the notice. -The notice said that 139. “Where is the best place to buy souvenirs?” -I asked 140. “Don’t forget to bring your passport with you tomorrow” - She reminded me 141. “Do not write on the wall,” said the teacher to the boys. -The teacher told the boys 142. “How many jobs have you had since 2000?” the interviewer asked Mr. Simpson. - The interviewer asked Trang 68
  69. 143. “Why didn’t you report the incident to the police?” the officer asked the frightened witness. 144. - The officer wanted to know 145. Nam said “I am told to be at school before 7 o’clock” 146. Thu said “All the students will have a meeting next week” 147. Phong said “My parents are very proud of my good marks” 148. The teacher said “All the homework must be done carefully” 149. Her father said to her “You can go to the movie with your friend” 150. Hoa said “I may visit my parents in the summer” 151. The teacher said “We can collect old book for the poor students” 152. She said “She doesn’t buy this book” 153. The boys said “We have to try our best to win the match” 154. Her classmate said “Lan is the most intelligent girl in our class” 155. They told us “Our friends will get the award for their highest cores” 156. He said “I will go to school by bus tomorrow” 157. Phong said “I need to learn more vocabulary” 158. His brother told him “You can use my computer today” 159. Mai said “I can not go to the movies with you, Nam” 160. “Do you enjoy reading?” Phong asked Peter Trang 69
  70. 161. “Does she like sports?” Hoa asked Lan 162. “Do your sister and brother go to the same school?” She asked Nam. 163. “Are there some oranges in the fridge?” She asked her mom 164. “Will it rain tomorrow morning?” He asked his friend 165. “Did you go to Hue three years ago?” Tam asked Peter 166. “Are Tam and Hoa late for class?” Tuan asked Lan 167. She said to me “Can you speak Chinese?” 168. “Will she be here for five days?” Tam asked Thu 169. “Were you reading this book at 8 o’clock last Sunday?” She asked Ba 170. “Where does your father work?” The teacher asked me 171. “How many people are there in your family?” She asked Lan 172. Tam’s friend asked him “How long will you stay in England?” 173. “Are there some oranges in the fridge?” She asked her mom 174. The teacher said to Lien “What‘s your hobby?” 175. “How do you go to the airport?” His friend asked him 176. “How much does this dress cost?” Lan asked Lien 177. Ba asked Tam “How often do you wash your clothes?” Trang 70
  71. 178. “When will your father leave Vietnam for the USA?” Phong asked Thu 179. “How many books do the students need?” The librarian asked myteacher 180. She said to him: “give me another glass of wine”. 181. She said to me: “bring me a book”. 182. Mother said to him: “open the window please!”. 183. He said to me: “shut the door after you”. 184. The captain said to them: “wait here still I come back”. 185. She told her: “take it and come with me”. 186. He said to me: “don’t come back before one o’clock”. 187. My mother told me: “don’t forget to look at the door”. 188. He said to his brother: “don’t open the window, open the door”. 189. He said to the girl: “don’t sit on my bed, sit on this chair please!”. 190. Teacher to John “Write that exercise carefully” 191. Mrs Green said “ Please sing at our party, Mary” 192. Teacher to John: “Be careful; think before you answer” 193. Tom: “Read my exercise, John, and tell me if it is correct” Trang 71
  72. 194. Traveler to taxi driver: “Direct to Victoria station as fast as you can. I must catch the 12.50 train”. 195. “It is cold here. Is the window open?” He asked me 196. The pupil said “Teacher, give us better marks, please” 197. “What a dirty face you have!” Ann said to her son. 198. “Don’t come back before one o’clock” advised my brother. 199. “I wonder who is coming on the excursion tomorrow. I do hope it won’t rain.” She said 200. “It’s a very nice evening. Why don’t we go out for a walk? Mrs Brown suggested 201. “It isn’t so foggy today as it was yesterday”, said the teacher 202. “Be modest if you are a good pupil” said my father. 203. “Don’t forget to send your parents my regards” she said to me. 204. “Have you got shampoo, Alice? I must wash my hair.” Johnny asked 205. He said to me ‘Listen! Can you hear someone coming?” 206. “Do as I tell you or you will be punished. I’ll teach you who is the master in this house,” he said 207. “I shouldn’t do that if I were you. Isn’t it very dangerous” he said 208. Mary said ‘I can not go to the movie with you, John” Trang 72
  73. 209. “Shut the door but don’t lock it” she said to us. 210. She said; “How beautiful they are” 211. I said; “How fast he is running!” 212. He said; “What a lovely house!” 213. She said; “What beautiful flowers!” 214. She said to him; “Shall we eat out tonight?” 215. Why don’t you put a better lock on the door? 216. He said; “Cigarette”, I answer “No thanks” 217. She said to me; “Remember to lock the door before you go to bed” 218. She said; “Can I have some money; Mum?” 219. She said; “The earth moves around the sun” 220. Tom said; “I would rather you started today” 221. She said; “Could I have a cup of coffee” 222. “Would you mind waiting?” he said 223. “Would you like to drink coffee?” he said 224. Lan said; “You had better go to the doctor?” 225. Henry said; “Let’s not much fuss about it” Trang 73
  74. 226. They said; “We will wait for if you are late” 227. Peter said; “I wish I had something to eat” 228. My mother said; “If I were you, I should do nothing about it” 229. The coach said to them; “It’s high time we began training for our next match” 230. I sai to her; “I wish you had seen it” 231. His mother said; “Don’t forget to thank Mrs Jones” 232. He said; “You might check these figures for me” 233. “Where shall we meet?” I said. “What about the hotel?” bill said 234. “You needn’t come in tomorrow”, said my employer. “Take the day off” 235. "Where is my umbrella?" she asked. → She asked 236. "How are you?" Martin asked us. → Martin asked us 237. He asked, "Do I have to do it?" → He asked 238. "Where have you been?" the mother asked her daughter → The mother asked her daughter 239. "Which dress do you like best?" she asked her boyfriend. → She asked her boyfriend 240. "What are they doing?" she asked. → She wanted to know 241. "Are you going to the cinema?" he asked me. Trang 74
  75. → He wanted to know 242. The teacher asked, "Who speaks English?" → The teacher wanted to know 243. "How do you know that?" she asked me. → She asked me 244. "Has Caron talked to Kevin?" my friend asked me. → My friend asked me 245. "What's the time?" he asked. → He wanted to know 246. "When will we meet again?" she asked me. → She asked me 247. "Are you crazy?" she asked him .→ She asked him 248. "Where did they live?" he asked .→ He wanted to know 249. "Will you be at the party?" he asked her. → He asked her 250. "Can you meet me at the station?" she asked me. → She asked me 251. "Who knows the answer?" the teacher asked. → The teacher wanted to know 252. “Why don't you help me?" she asked him. → She wanted to know 253. "Did you see that car?" he asked me. → He asked me 254. "Have you tidied up your room?" the mother asked the twins. → The mother asked the twins 255. "Stop talking, Joe," the teacher said. → The teacher told Joe 256. "Be patient," she said to him .→ She told him 257. "Go to your room," her father said to her .→ Her father told her 258. "Hurry up," she said to us. Trang 75
  76. → She told us 259. "Give me the key," he told her .→ He asked her 260. "Play it again, Sam," she said. → She asked Sam 261. "Sit down, Caron" he said → He asked Caron 262. "Fill in the form, Sir," the receptionist said. → The receptionist asked the guest 263. "Take off your shoes," she told us. → She told us 264. "Mind your own business," she told him. → She told him 265. "Don't touch it," she said to him. → She told him 266. "Don't do that again," he said to me. → He told me 267. "Don't talk to me like that," he said. → He told her 268. "Don't repair the computer yourself," she warned him. → She warned him 269. "Don't let him in," she said. → She told me 270. "Don't go out without me," he begged her. → He begged her 271. "Don't forget your bag," she told me. → She told me 272. "Don't eat in the lab," the chemistry teacher said. → The chemistry teacher told his students 273. "Don't give yourself up," he advised her. → He advised her 274. "Don't hurt yourselves, boys," she said .→ She told the boys 275. “If the weather is fine, I will go on a picnic with my friends,” she said. Trang 76
  77. 276. “What would you do if you had three days off ?” I asked him. 277. “I would have come to see you if I had known your address, Jim” she said. 278. “I’m sure she will help you if you ask her.” , he told me. 279. “If Today were Sunday, we wouldn’t go to school.” They said to me. 280. She said to me, “If I were you, I wouldn’t tell her about this.” 281. “There would not be enough seats if a lot of guests came.” 282. “You will be surprised if you meet him.” , Peter said to Linda. 283. The boy said : “I won’t be strong if I don’t swim everyday.” 284. “What would you do if you saw a snake ?” Nam asked Nga. 285. “We’ll have lunch outside in the garden if it’s not cold.” ,Mr John said. 286. “Tom would win more races if he trained hard.” , The man said. 287. “If you feel like a chat, phone me tonight.” David said to me. 288. “If you isn’t so much junk food, you would be a lot fitter.” Mother said. 289. “I will be surprised if Mary doesn’t pass the exam.” , our teacher said. 290. “If I knew her hobbies, I could let you know.” He said to me. Trang 77